A Rich History

Apollo Pecan Nursery takes pride in growing top quality trees.  We germinate our own seedling trees and have professional skilled grafting crews.  

In nursery production you simply cannot cut corners.  We use the best fertilizers in the industry and grow our trees at a rapid growth often achieving up to 3/4 inch of growth per day during the peak months.   Prior to digging our trees in January, each tree is tagged with a variety label.  This elimates any confusion during the digging and handling of the trees.  Assuring the customer that they receive the variety of tree in which they ordered.

We do not use automatic tree digging equipment. Instead, we dig our trees the old fashioned way with a track excavator.  This method allows us to dig the entire root system and prevent splitting the tap root.  When you pick up your trees they will have the entire root system intact and if you choose to cut the tap root we will assist you prior to loading.

After our trees are dug they are placed immediately in wet pine bark with a spray mist over them which keeps the root system from drying out and assuring that the tree is never stressed from heat or sun exposure to the roots.  We at Apollo Pecan Nursery feel taking these steps will provide our customers with healthy prolific trees.  Ninety percent of our customers each year are repeat customers.